Residential Sprinkler Training Program  

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Next Course Dates:      RES 1 - July 30 & 31 RES 2 - August 6 & 7


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Fully accredited by FIRAS

Course scope:

The full course is in 3 parts which build on each other to give a thorough knowledge of Residential Sprinkler systems and the requirements of BS9251:2005.    

RES 1- Installation & Maintenance: comprises 2 parts -

Foundation - distance-learning module, which is a pre-requisite for attendance on the main part of the course.

RES1 Course: Two further modules - Maintenance & Installation. The course not only covers the requirements of BS9251:2005 but also explains in detail how to interpret and apply the sometimes idiosyncratic requirements of the Standard.

RES 2 - System Design Course:

RES2 Course: This can only be taken after successful completion of the RES 1 course. The course covers all aspects of the design of Residential Sprinkler systems, including hydraulic calculations.


The course is aimed at sprinkler engineers, plumbers and professionals at the supervisor/foreman level. Successful candidates will be able to design, install and maintain of residential sprinkler systems. 


Candidates may participate in our unique Mentoring program whereby our larger companies will provide support and assistance without cost (except for expenses incurred). This is intended to enable new candidates to gain practical experience and learn as they earn. Once they have successully completed at least 3 jobs to the satisfaction of their Mentor they will be awarded the RSA Tick.


Successful candidates will be listed on the RSA web site and once approved by their Mentor will earn the RSA tick. Further accreditation may be earned by joining the FIRAS  or  LPCB 3rd-party accreditation schemes.

Both of these courses are fully accredited by FIRAS


RES1 course - 550 (+VAT) incl Foundation module and Manual

RES2 course - 600 (+VAT) incl bespoke hydraulic calculation software

Cost includes all meals and refreshments over the 2 days, a substantial Manual that contains RSA Residential Sprinkler guidance to BS9251 document, Water Protocol document, Water Authorities addresses, publicity material, Manufacturer's leaflets - in fact all you need to start in the Residential Sprinkler business.

Overnight accommodation can be arranged at favourable rates.

Members discount available

To book a place:                  

Download an Application Form and mail it with your deposit of 250 (non-refundable ) to -

                  The Administrator, RSA Training, Mill House, Mill Lane,

                   Padworth, Nr. Reading, BERKS RG7 4JX

and we will rush you the Distance Learning course by return

Refresher Courses:

Holders are recommended to take our Refresher Course every 3 years to maintain their status. Look for the RSA tick to see if a chosen Contractor is up to date with their training.

Certificate of Competence:

Listing by the RSA depends upon the satisfactory completion of course, including passing of all relevant test papers. The Certificate of Competence is awarded to individuals (not companies).

Listing: Successful candidates will be listed by the RSA so long as they remain Members. 

Support: The RSA provides on-going technical support, and will check the first 3 designs of successful RES 2 candidates, to ensure candidates have fully understood the course contents. The RSA also provides free technical support to its Members.

Entry requirement: basic plumbing skills, numeracy, literacy and the ability to read and understand drawings, plus successful completion of the distance-learning Foundation module.

The Course is mainly theoretical but includes some 'hands on' experience with samples of equipment and sprinklers, installed systems and pipe fitting techniques for copper and plastic pipe. It may involve the use of a scientific calculator and/or computer for hydraulic design. 

RSA Membership: Although Candidates do not need to be Members of the RSA to do the course, successful Members are listed on our web site, which is frequently reference by customers, Building Control Officers, Fire Brigades and Architects looking for qualified Sprinkler Contractors.