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Did you know - ?

Nearly every day people die and are injured in fires in the UK

Over 75% of fire casualties happen in peoples' own homes, and these can be prevented.

Residential Fire Sprinklers can eliminate the chance that you will die in a fire in the home.

About the RSA

The Residential Sprinkler Association is a non-profit organisation providing support to the Residential sector of the UK Fire Sprinkler Industry.


For Members:

As well as providing a web presence for Member Companies, the RSA provide Sprinkler Training, Accreditation, Technical representation and Advice and Information for designing and installing Companies.

Our mission:

"To provide support facilities to the Residential sector of the UK Fire Sprinkler Industry in whatever manner is deemed necessary by its Membership"

Key Issues:

The RSA see the following as essential to the development of the Residential Fire Sprinkler market in the UK and thus the saving of thousands of lives and millions of injuries caused by fire.
  • Educate, advise and lobby stakeholders and the public generally on the benefits of Fire Sprinklers.
  • Establish and maintain quality control of Fire Sprinkler installations through Training, Continuous Professional Development, Product Approvals, Installation Standards and Certification schemes.
  • Provide support for Members.
  • Provide professional representation for the UK Residential Fire Sprinkler Industry at all levels.
  • Develop and support the technical case for the use of Residential Fire Sprinklers in all applications.
  • Present a powerful and unified voice for the Residential Fire Sprinkler Industry.

Our current strategic objectives:

  • To obtain UK legislation requiring Fire Sprinklers in all high risk properties.
  • To resolve water supply issues for fire sprinkler systems.