And so it begins…

And so it begins… The Residential Sprinkler Association has completed the first and vital stage of its intention to become the training provider uniquely focussed on serving the needs of the residential and domestic sprinkler industry.

We are delighted to announce that Skills for Justice (SFJ) has confirmed that the RSA Academy is now an SFJ Awards Approved Centre. As a result, the RSA can offer a unique and dedicated programme of residential and domestic sprinkler installer training through the RSA Academy. This nationally recognised training has been specially designed by the residential and domestic sector to serve the residential and domestic sprinkler industry, and it will be delivered by qualified assessors who have many years of practical and professional experience in the residential and domestic sprinkler industry.

The RSA Academy will deliver the SFJ Award Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Domestic & Residential) … This qualification is specifically aimed at individuals who are newly employed in the fire sprinkler industry specialising in the residential and domestic sector.

“After several years of listening to our membership, and a thorough review of the training and technical learning needed, we have now developed a course which is fit for purpose for the residential and domestic installer” said Dean Price, Chairman of the RSA. “The RSA Academy puts RSA members in charge of their own destiny. This is just the beginning… Our vision is to be a one stop provider of courses which fulfil all of the training and development needs of the residential and domestic sector.”

“We are confident that our diligence over the past five years has produced a course which will serve our members needs but we will listen to our students and their employers and grown this course where necessary”. Dean also confirmed that priority will be given to members wishing to book onto the course. “Non members of the RSA can either wait for a space or join us… Join here and reap the benefits of being a member of an association which is totally committed to listening to, working with and providing for the future of the UK’s residential and domestic fire sprinkler industry”

Hot on the heels of the RSA Academy delivering the SFJ Award Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Domestic & Residential, will be the certified course designed for those individuals who have been working in the industry for many years – the Experienced Learner route – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)… Dates to be announced. Only existing RSA installer certificate holders are eligible to register for this course. Register your interest here.

Aware of concerns expressed by RSA members, Dean stressed “The Joint Industry Board (JIB) has agreed that the original RSA certification will only be phased out when it suits the RSA and its members”.

RSA Academy vision of the future

• Level 3 Certificate in Residential Sprinkler System Design

• Level 3 Award in Commissioning, Servicing and Maintaining Sprinkler Systems

• Building control & inspector online CPD course

• Online H&S course specific for the Residential sector

• Develop online refresher training modules

• Canute hydraulic software training online

About… The RSA

The Residential Sprinkler Association (RSA) is committed to delivering information and training, ideas and technical support to its members and every individual whose professional role demands they have a greater knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the practicalities and effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers with a primary focus on residential and domestic properties.

The RSA is a not-for-profit organisation, managed by volunteers. We will endeavour to provide support facilities to the residential sector of the UK fire sprinkler industry in whatever manner is deemed necessary by its Membership.

We aim to deliver clear and accurate information which will provide decision makers, regulators and project leaders the knowledge to identify and specify the correct and compliant sprinkler products and systems installed to the highest standard by skilled and competent contractors.

About… Skills for Justice

SFJ Awards is part of the Workforce Development Trust group, together with Skills for Justice, Skills for Health and People 1st International. The Workforce Development Trust is a not-for-profit organisation helping employers to continually improve their workforce through increasing productivity, improving learning solutions and helping to boost the skills for staff across a wide range of industries throughout the UK and internationally. SFJ Awards is an independent Awarding Organisation, regulated by the UK qualifications regulators, including Ofqual, CCEA and Qualifications Wales, to assess, quality assure and certificate learners and employees, helping training providers and employers to continue developing a highly skilled workforce for the future.

Our values are ‘For Skills, For Flexibility and For Jobs’ and our work embodies the core charitable aims of the wider Workforce Development Trust group that ultimately supports better jobs.

ABOUT… SFJ Awards Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Domestic and Residential)

The objective of this qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to install fire sprinkler systems in domestic and residential settings. This qualification is intended for people employed in the mechanical fire protection sector installing fire sprinklers to develop the knowledge and competences necessary to meet the industry standards for the installation role. The framework of the qualification should provide sufficient flexibility for the variations in different jobs and locations.

The RSA has provided the required evidence that they have sufficient resources and infrastructure in place for delivery of this qualification:

• evidence of assessor and IQA competence

• sample assessment materials and mark schemes

• scheme of work

• details of available resources

ABOUT… RSA Academy course

This qualification requires the learner to complete 174 Total Qualification Time achieving three mandatory units over a total of 122 Guided Learning Hours of which 102 hours are portfolio based, dedicated to domestic & residential fire sprinkler installation:

· An Introduction to the Fire Sprinkler Industry including identifying the relevant standards for Residential systems – typically BS9251, but can include other, e.g. NFPA, EN16925

· Effective Communication and Working Relationships in the Workplace

· Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation. On completion of which the following Learner Outcomes will have been attained thus the qualified student will, as a certificated Residential & Sprinkler Installer, have the ability to:-

o conduct preinstallation checks

o communicate with others in the workplace

o establish and maintain positive working relationships

o record and pass on information

o provide relevant, functional, and technical information to the relevant person

o install pipework and associated components

o identify faults after installation

o complete handover procedure for completion of work

o understand limits of responsibility and authority to deal with problems within own role

This course has been designed to require just one day of “class room time” with a Portfolio of Evidence (including for example records of professional discussions, question and answer sessions, work products) providing the primary assessment method to identify a Pass or Fail outcome to the course.

The range of Qualification Assessment Methods Assessment methods that can be used for the SFJ Awards Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Domestic and Residential) are as follows:

• Portfolio of Evidence (including for example records of professional discussions, question and answer sessions, work products)

• Aural Examination

• E-assessment

• Multiple Choice Examination

• Practical Demonstration / Assignment

• Practical Examination

• Task-based Controlled Assessment

• Written examination

• Observation

• Professional Discussion

• Interview

• Presentation and Questioning

• Project

Assessors gather and judge evidence during normal work activities to determine whether the learner demonstrates their competence against the standards in the qualification unit(s). Competence should be demonstrated at a level appropriate to the qualification

ABOUT… the RSA Academy Assessors

The RSA Academy Assessors are all RSA members and residential and sprinkler industry experts, and have demonstrated consistent application of the skills and the current supporting knowledge and understanding in the context of a recent role directly related to the qualification unit(s) they are assessing as a practitioner, trainer or manager. When the assessors are assessing knowledge-based qualifications, they must be occupationally knowledgeable in the sector they are assessing in… The RSA Assessors all possess considerable knowledge and experience within the domestic and residential sprinkler sector.

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